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Self Build Timber Frame Kent

Welcome to Maple Timber Frame, where we offer bespoke and sustainable living solutions at affordable prices. As a timber frame building company based in the UK, we are dedicated to creating customised timber frames that cater to the unique needs of self-builders and developers. Our commitment to providing cost-effective solutions is changing the way people approach building their dream homes.

We are a company that has been in the business of designing, manufacturing, and building timber frame self-build houses for over thirty years. Our services are not limited to Kent; we offer a nationwide timber frame manufacturing, design, and build service for both single and multiple projects.

We have ample experience in both commercial and residential construction, which means that we are equipped to handle projects of any size. Our adeptness in creating intricate structures guarantees that we offer exceptional service to all of our clients, without exception.

Experts in Timber Frame Housing

Maple Timber Frame is a UK-based company that specialises in manufacturing kit build houses in the form of timber frame buildings. If you’re looking for limited access solutions or superior quality construction, we are the ideal choice for you.

We possess vast knowledge and experience in the areas of timber frame, architecture, and construction. Our timber frame manufacturing service covers the entire country and caters to both singular and multiple unit projects.

From Self Build Design

When you decide to undertake a self-build project, it’s crucial to give thorough consideration to your budget. Doing so will help you make practical choices for your new home and lead you through the entire building process.

Our team will offer you a clear and easy-to-understand quote that outlines the entire process. This will enable you to concentrate on the smaller details with confidence and flexibility.

And Timber Frame House Planning

Getting planning permission and following building regulations are essential components of your self-construction project.

Our team of experts is highly skilled in managing the intricate process on your behalf, alleviating your stress levels and obtaining the required permits and certifications to successfully carry out your project.

To Construction and Build

We offer two options to meet your housing needs – either pre-built homes or a customised build that caters to your specific requirements. Our team takes care of everything from the design phase to the construction process. At Maple, we specialise in creating low and zero carbon options for different structures and projects.

Our company provides all-inclusive solutions to those who wish to build their own timber frame homes in Kent and other parts of the UK. We handle all aspects of the process, starting from design and planning to timber manufacturing, building arrangements, and project supervision.

Much More Than Timber Frame Housing

We offer timber frame solutions nationwide, from design and manufacturing to construction. Our experience covers various projects, from individual self-build homes to large-scale timber frame apartment buildings for commercial use.

We, as a company, have made a promise to be environmentally responsible. To fulfil this commitment, we give importance to reducing our impact on the environment in all our operations. Our factory was built keeping the local environment in consideration, and we ensure that we procure timber only from certified sources that are well-managed.

Our company places great importance on our design and manufacturing procedures to reduce waste and handle any leftover material through recycling. We are mindful of the scarce resources of our planet and aim to use them wisely. We keep improving our products and services using the latest technological advancements to remain a top industry innovator.

Our vision for the future is to provide affordable, truly sustainable, zero carbon homes without requiring major changes in the way we live.

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