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Self Build Timber Frame East Sussex

Timber is an excellent choice for sustainable building material as it is renewable. Unlike traditional building materials such as bricks and concrete that rely on finite raw materials, timber can be replenished by planting new trees. At Maple Timber Frame, we make sure to use only sustainable sources of timber that are accredited.

Timber frame construction is a faster alternative to brick and block construction. Choosing timber frame construction can result in a quicker return on investment, less disturbance to the surrounding community, and construction sites that are neater, safer, and more efficient.

During timber frame construction, the initial and secondary fixing can be completed indoors before adding the outer layer of brick or cladding. This allows other trades to begin working earlier and with more predictability.

Timber frame construction enhances the integration of the supply chain, creating more chances for collaborative work, improved control, and cost savings in projects.

Experts in Timber Frame Housing

We possess extensive expertise in the timber frame, architecture, and construction sector. Our timber frame manufacturing service is available throughout the country, catering to both single-house and multi-unit site projects.

We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with customers throughout East Sussex, and throughout the UK.

From Self Build Design

Our company offers two options to fulfil your housing needs: pre-designed homes or custom-built complexes tailored to your liking. We handle everything from the planning stage to construction and even produce timber frames. Our team specialises in developing low and zero carbon solutions for different structures and new projects.

Maple offers a comprehensive and convenient service that meets all your construction needs. Our wide array of solutions caters to various requirements, whether you’re planning to build a new structure or renovate an existing one.

And Timber Frame House Planning

At our company, we offer comprehensive planning services that encompass every step of the construction process. This includes developing floor plans, generating architectural drawings, and providing expert guidance. We are dedicated to supporting you throughout the entire planning phase, guaranteeing a seamless and stress-free journey.

We have extensive experience and knowledge in constructing both commercial and residential structures, enabling us to manage projects of any scale. Our skill in building complex structures ensures that our clients receive exceptional service quality.

To Construction and Build

Our company provides an extensive array of services to individuals who wish to construct their own timber-framed homes in East Sussex and the UK. Our services encompass design, planning, timber production, building organisation, and project management, and cater to all aspects of self-building. We are dedicated to assisting you throughout your entire self-building journey, making sure that it is stress-free.

Maple’s proficiency in both service and construction is evident through the positive feedback provided by satisfied customers. These accolades were gathered by independent publications with knowledge in the self-building industry.

Much More Than Timber Frame Housing

Our company offers timber frame solutions across the country, encompassing the entire process from design to construction. Our team is well-versed in handling projects of all magnitudes, ranging from individual self-building ventures to large-scale commercial constructions.

At our company, we understand the significance of preserving our planet and take measures to reduce our ecological footprint. We have constructed our factory with the environment in mind and prioritise the utilisation of certified sustainable timber.

Our company places a great emphasis on minimising waste throughout the design and production stages. We are committed to sustainability and ensure that we only use essential materials, while any excess is recycled. At our core, we strongly believe in the responsible utilisation of natural resources and are committed to safeguarding the environment for generations to come. To remain at the forefront of our industry, we consistently incorporate cutting-edge technology into our services.

Our vision for the future is to provide affordable, truly sustainable, zero carbon homes without requiring major changes in the way we live.

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