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Self Build Timber Frame Scotland

We specialise in creating timber frame self-build homes in Scotland and throughout the UK, with more than thirty years of experience in design, manufacturing, and construction. Our nationwide services include timber frame manufacturing, designing, and building, whether your project entails a single home or a large site with multiple units.

We have extensive experience in both commercial and residential construction, which means that we can handle any project, regardless of its size. Our expertise in designing and constructing intricate structures guarantees that we provide exceptional service quality to all our clients.

Experts in Timber Frame Housing

If you choose to work with Maple Timber Frame in Scotland for your self-build timber frame project, we will support you throughout the entire process. During your first consultation, our team of professionals will offer guidance and help to ensure that your project runs smoothly and without any unnecessary stress.

When it comes to planning a project, there are several key factors to keep in mind. These include the cost implications, the necessary timescales, any required clearing, or groundworks, and how to effectively manage relationships with nearby properties. If you require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

From Self Build Design

We offer flexible options to create your perfect home or residential project. You can choose from our ready-made plans or have a custom design created to meet your specific needs and wants. Our comprehensive services include planning, personalised timber frame production, and construction. We specialise in eco-friendly solutions for a variety of buildings, with a particular focus on newly built homes.

Maple offers a complete and stress-free service that fits your needs, be it for a new property or renovating an existing one. Contact our team today, who will be happy to answer any questions!

And Timber Frame House Planning

Our planning services are comprehensive and cover everything from creating floor plans to offering expert advice. We ensure that your project is planned and executed with utmost precision, giving you complete peace of mind.

Our team is well-versed in both commercial and residential construction, allowing us to handle projects of any size. We have expertise in constructing complex structures, guaranteeing a high quality service to all of our clients.

To Construction and Build

We offer a broad spectrum of services to individuals who are keen on constructing their own timber frame houses in Scotland and throughout the UK. Our proficient team professionals possesses vast experience in self-build design, planning, timber manufacturing, building arrangement, and project management. We oversee your project from inception to completion, ensuring that you are stress-free.

Independent magazines in the self-build industry have collected reviews from our happy customers. These quotes serve as evidence of Maple’s outstanding service and the quality of their construction.

Much More Than Timber Frame Housing

Our company is dedicated to providing timber frame solutions nationwide. We take care of everything from design and production to construction, ensuring a hassle-free process for our clients. Our team has the required skills to handle various projects, from small self-build homes to large commercial timber frame apartment buildings.

Our company is dedicated to upholding environmental responsibility. We take extensive measures to minimise our environmental footprint in every aspect of our business operations. Our factory was constructed with a focus on eco-friendliness, and we guarantee that all the timber we utilise comes from certified, sustainable sources.

Our company recognises the significance of design and manufacturing procedures in minimising waste and managing surplus materials through recycling. We are aware of the finite resources of our planet and strive to utilise them judiciously. In order to stay ahead of the competition, we consistently upgrade our products by incorporating cutting-edge technological innovations.

Our vision for the future is to provide affordable, truly sustainable, zero carbon homes without requiring major changes in the way we live.


Areas covered in Scotland includes

  • Aberdeen
  • Ayr
  • Dumfries
  • Dundee
  • Edinburgh
  • Elgin
  • Glasgow
  • Kilmarnock
  • Paisely
  • Perth
  • Peterhead
  • Stirling
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